Policies on order cancellations, returning product - either damaged or not damaged, restocking charges.

Order Cancellation Charges

If production against an agreement and/or order had already begun at the time of order cancellation, Buyer may be liable for the part of the order which has been completed by the time of order cancellation. This may include machine time and setup costs, raw material, and/or partially or fully completed Products. The exact charges, if any, will be determined by Jelinek Cork and invoiced to Buyer. Non-stock or customized stock Products may be subject to a higher cancellation charge to be determined by Jelinek Cork depending upon the portion of Product completed at the time of such cancellation.

Order Changes

Buyer must notify Jelinek Cork in writing of requested changes in the quantity, drawings, designs or specifications for Products which are ordered but not yet in the process of manufacture. After receipt of such notice, Jelinek Cork will inform Buyer of any adjustments to be made in price, delivery schedules, etc. resulting from Buyer's requested changes prior to incorporating requested changes into manufactured Products.

Restocking Charges

Products which have not been used or modified and are considered standard stock Products by Jelinek Cork may be returned to the relevant Jelinek Cork facility for a fifteen percent (15%) restocking charge plus return freight (unless return freight is prepaid by Buyer). Non-stock custom made Products or modified Products cannot be returned. Restocking of Products requires Jelinek Cork’s prior written approval and authorization to be returned and must be returned within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. Returns may take up to forty-five (45) days to process.

Return of Damaged Product Policy

Prior approval must be obtained from Jelinek Cork to return any Product. Buyer must clearly explain why Product should be returned. In its sole discretion, Jelinek Cork may or may not accept the return of Product if product is deemed satisfactory by Jelinek Cork and if cause of return is deemed frivolous or if product is changed for whatever reason or by whatever means. If Jelinek Cork deems a legitimate cause for return of Product, Jelinek Cork will notify the Buyer and assign a return authorization number and record the reason for the return. Jelinek Cork will examine returned Product to determine the actual cause, if any, leading to Buyer's return. If Product has a manufacturing defect, Jelinek Cork, in its sole discretion, may issue a credit for the returned Product or repair or replace with like Product. Products must be returned no later then thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. In no case can Jelinek Cork be held liable for any additional costs beyond the value of the returned Product cost but only in the event if such Product is found to have a manufacturing defect. If returned Product is found not to have a manufacturing defect a fifteen percent (15%) restocking charge plus return freight (unless prepaid by Buyer) will be charged to Buyer.

Returning Product

An RMA number is required in order to return product. Contact Jelinek Cork to receive an RMA number. This number must be clearly marked on the carton the product is being returned in.