Quiet Cork Roll | Optimal Medium Density Flooring Underlayment Material

QuietCork is known for its exceptional sound-deadening properties. This top-notch, natural underlayment is specially designed to be used beneath ceramic and hardwood flooring, ensuring a peaceful and noise-free environment. Beyond its effectiveness as a sound barrier, this remarkable material boasts a wide array of applications. It serves as an excellent choice for spacers, gasket applications, insoles, and base materials, providing reliable support and insulation in various settings.

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4 Products

QuietCORK Underlayment Roll | 105ft x 48in x 2.5mm
CAD ‎436.85

105 lft Roll


QuietCORK Underlayment Roll | 88ft x 48in x 3mm
CAD ‎443.55

88 lft Roll


QuietCORK Underlayment Roll | 66ft x 48in x 4mm
CAD ‎438.30

66 lft Roll


QuietCORK Underlayment Roll | 50ft x 48in x 6mm
CAD ‎339.85

50 lft Roll