BB14 | Versatile High-Density Cork Roll for Bulletin Boards & More

BB14 is a versatile high-end material perfect for bulletin boards, wall coverings, silk screening, and gasket applications. Made from naturally sustainable fine-grain cork, this sturdy roll is ideal for a range of arts, crafts, and hobby projects, as well as for use in shipping and spacer pads, protective backing, and home decor such as coasters, shelf liners, and wall coverings. With its durability, self-healing properties, and flexibility, it can be used to build new bulletin boards or resurface existing ones. Available in a range of thicknesses and large rolls or convenient pre-cut lengths, this cork roll is easy to cut and work with, and comes in widths of 48" or 24". With its versatility and premium quality, it is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.

A thickness of at least 5.5mm is recommended for pushpins. If using thinner cork material, a backing (ie. fibreboard) is strongly recommended. Please note the thickness before placing your order.

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10 Products

BB14 Mini Cork Roll - Select a Precut length in 48" width
CAD ‎183.40



BB14 Cork Roll | 0.8mm x 48in x 656ft
CAD ‎1,844.70

656 lft Roll


BB14 Cork Roll | 1.2mm x 48in x 545ft
CAD ‎1,844.70

545 lft Roll


BB14 Cork Roll | 1.5mm x 48in x 437ft
CAD ‎1,844.70

437 lft Roll


BB14 Mini Cork Roll - 6mm x 24in x 10ft
CAD ‎135.50


BB14 Cork Roll | 6mm x 24in x 87ft
CAD ‎677.75

87 lft Roll


BB14 Cork Roll | 6mm x 48in x 98ft
CAD ‎1,844.70

98 lft Roll


BB14 Cork Roll | 9.5mm x 48in x 69ft
CAD ‎1,849.00

69 lft Roll


Contact Cement 3M | 1 Gallon
CAD ‎368.10



Contact Cement 3M | 1 Litre
CAD ‎105.55